Well, building a website from scratch means designing and coding the site from top to bottom. Create a Simple Website. I also built a social site from scratch using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I was trying to learn PHP at that time. That learning-creating took a total of 40 days to complete. I know it is too much of time, but I was learning something new and trying to create at the same time, and the best reason, I am a kid , who is just 5, so that’s justified.

Now, let’s come to the main answer, you need to chose a primary server side language, like PHP, Python, Perl, Java, you can even use C++. In other words, It’s better to chose a language which is faster, if your website is going to be large and will have to handle too many users. Otherwise, you may have problems in the future. Now, choose a database. There are several, SQL, Access, etc. If your website is for Big Data, then its better to chose a database engine specific to your purpose. You have many choices, like using MongoDB or any Graph Database, like Neo4J or sticking to the traditional SQL databases.

Now, the UI part. You need to design a good looking User Interface, which can adapt to various screen sizes. For that, you need to write HTML and CSS code, and for making your UI dynamic, some(or even a lot of) JavaScript. You can make your work easier by using a pre-built CSS and JavaScript framework. Like Bootstrap or w3.css for CSS and JQuery or Vue.js for JavaScript. Using a framework will make your work a lot easier.

Create a Simple Website

While making your site, your main focus should be on the UI and security part. First you need to think what is the purpose of this website & why you need to create it. In addition, Find the requirements of creating Website. Then choose the technology behind the website.

If you don’t know anything about creating website then this will be time to learn how to code. There are lot of video courses & courses available out there on internet. Try to learn from those materials. If you don’t want to write to code & and your requirements is to create blog or some informative website then there are lot of frameworks available for this purpose like WordPress & Joomla.

Now, let’s talk about using the SHORTCUT. You can even use CMSs like WordPress and Joomla to make your site. They are completely free and fully customization. They are pre-equipped with all essential features and a lot of security. You can also use website builders which are provided by various domains.