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Steps on how to create a website:

1. Create a domain name, The very first thing you needed to do is to create your website’s domain name. This is the same as giving your own website its own name. A name that is unique from others and a name that others cannot use aside from your website.The domain name process does not end from you creating it. You also need to pay money in order for it to be registered as yours. Most domain names require you to pay annually. If you have not paid for it, it means that you have no right to use it the name you chose for your website. Although some might think that it is just a name, it still needs to go through the registering process.

2. Find a web host After registering your domain name, the second step on how to create a website is to choose a web host. One responsible for you connected in the Internet. Once your web pages are placed on their computer, In addition, the whole world could now be able to access and view the contents of your website. Usually, in order to have a webhost, you need to have an account or sign-up.

3. Design your website Designing your website is the next step in creating your website. Once your web host and domain name has been set-up, now is the time for you to design you website. Some might have enough money to hire professionals to design their websites while some can do this step themselves. If ever you are hiring a professional, you can go directly to the next step.

Publish your website

Test the website Even though you think that your website would work perfectly fine. And also you should not be too sure about it if you have not tried testing the website. This step on how to create a website is a crucial step for it would determine. Moreover if the website you have created is ready to be available to the public. In other wods, If there are widgets, links and other files that are not working fine. That changes are needed to ensure that the website is in its best condition before even publishing it on the internet.

Publish your website The last step in creating your website is to publish the website itself. It would be useless if the public would not be able to see it. Once you have decided to publish it after running through several testing, you can now make your own money from it.These five steps are essential in answering your question on how to create a website.

Start designing your website, you’ll want to have an idea of the type of site you’re going to build. Spend some time going through other websites in your niche to get an idea of the kind of design elements you like, and what you can improve on.