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There are two ways to build a website from scratch.

  1. Hiring a website designer (which costs you hundreds to thousands of rupees depending on your requirements)
  2. Doing it by yourself (easy, quick, cheaper and recommended way)

I strongly recommend you to start a website by yourself.

It’s not at all hard.

In fact, you can start your own website within 10 minutes.

It will NOT cost you more than Rs 3500.

What do you need?

You basically need two things.

  • Domain
  • Web hosting (to host your website)

If you are looking to build a website within a budget,

This answer is for complete beginners who want to get started with setting up their website for growing their online presence. Startup Business Website Development. Moreover, The only requirement is that you should be aware of all the tools this task requires.

For starting a website on your own from scratch you need to know the basic things required to start a website.

#Domain name

Basically, you need a domain name.
A domain name is a name is the name of your website you want.Normally it costs Rs 870 per year basically from any company. But read this guide below and you can get the domain name for FREE.

#Create required pages

You need basically important pages like About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy and if you are selling something then you need Affiliate Disclaimer page.

#Create social media pages for promotion

Once you have created your website. Start creating social media pages for promotion.
In conclusion, Create at least 3 social media pages to promote.